Queue Priorities

Enhance your customer support strategy by assigning queue priorities to different groups. This feature enables targeted prioritization of specific segments of your user base, ensuring that critical inquiries are addressed promptly.

Leverage advanced Routing Rules to intelligently categorize customers based on criteria such as their current website URL, domain, or geographical location. This allows for a more sophisticated and efficient queue management, tailoring your support efforts to meet the diverse needs of your audience effectively.



Does Queue Priorities support licenses created in the Frankfurt data center?

Yes, QP support licenses created in Frankfurt data center - requests are called directry to appropriate API address.

How do you process the license's data?

Our application only processes configuration data - queue settings. Queue Priorities does not have access to or process customer data or chats history. All data are passed directly to LiveChat Platform APIs - we do not save data in any database.

We use to log errors and Google Analytics to monitor application usage.

Do you accept ideas for new features?

Sure! Start a chat with us and tell us about your idea.


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